Resettlement Keyworker (Roots Project – Jigsaw Support)

Name: David


Job Title:Resettlement Keyworker (Roots Project – Jigsaw Support)  


How long have you worked at Jigsaw Homes? 20.5 years 


Describe your ‘typical’ day at work   

We are commissioned to work with high risk offenders in Tameside, providing stable accommodation and an effective programme of support, this is aimed at reducing serious crime in the Tameside area.  

My day can be quite varied which keeps the job very ‘fresh’. I liaise daily with both our internal teams and the Police, Probation, CGL (drug and alcohol services) and Criminal Justice Mental Health Services. This contact is to ensure our client group is properly supported and on track; our continual communication gives all services an overall picture of how our clients are coping and helps us to direct our resources where required.In short, I could be conducting a home visit, supporting someone to attend a mental health assessment or collecting a washing machine! All of which contributes to providing an effective plan of support.  


Which aspects of the job really get you motivated?  


Obviously any photo opportunity…! Seriously, I’d have to say getting someone to the end of their support plan is massively rewarding and a real boost to my motivation.  


What are the greatest challenges?  


For me, the greatest challenges are navigating the intimate discussions to help our clients work through their issues and gain some perspective with their decision making. Anyone who has done a support role will know an appointment that’s lasted for 2 hours can be very intense and taxing.  


What has/have been the highlight(s) of your role to date?  


I think the highlights of my role are fairly invisible as I feel the role contributes to health and wellbeing for those receiving support as well as an immeasurable reduction in serious crime.  

Met the Police and Crime Commissioner…