Service Improvement Analyst

Name: Gemma 


Job Title:Service Improvement Analyst  


How long have you worked at Jigsaw Homes? 24 years.  


Describe your ‘typical’ day at work:It’s a really varied role and that’s what I enjoy about my job. In recent weeks my focus has been on the implementation of Northgate / CRM across the business. Providing training across the company via videos in MS Stream and live sessions via MS Teams and supporting Managers & Colleagues on the roll out of the system. I check in on the Channels in MS teams daily to see what support is needed, providing assistance where required. In the background I’m working with my team on how we can make further enhancements to the system liaising with key people across the business.  


Which aspects of the job really get you motivated? Designing 1st Touch forms, where something starts as an idea on paper and evolves into a digital form to be used around the business. I’m really fortunate to work with some amazing Developers who work their magic and put the digital form together. I then test the form, train staff how to use it and roll it out departments across the business. When I hear the feedback on how much time is saved for members of staff out on site and what significant cost savings there are, this makes me happy and I’m always really motivated to design the next form.    


What are the greatest challenges? My role is ever changing and constantly challenges me as I’m always working on new projects involving new processes / software. There are some aspects of the job that really push me out of my comfort zone which is great for my personal development. I’m lucky to work in a fantastic team who are also very good friends. We all support each other and work through any challenges that are sent our way!  


What has/have been the highlight(s) of your role to date? One that really stands out is when our IT department won the ‘Digital Team of the Year‘ award at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards Ceremony in 2017. Our department collaborate on so many different projects, it was amazing to win something that recognised us as a whole department and it was great to celebrate with colleagues in London.