Sales Manager

Name: Laura  


Job Title: Sales Manager 


How long have you worked at Jigsaw Homes? Since October 2013. 


Describe your ‘typical’ day at work: I always start with going through my e-mails and then checking in with the Snugg Homes team. A normal week can range between making choices on kitchens and bathrooms, chairing team meetings and completing 1-1s with my team as well as meetings with external partners such as Rightmove. I’ve shared more on ‘A day in the life’ on the Snuggwebsite 


Which aspects of the job really get you motivated?  I get to see a number of developments before work has even begun, so I love to see how they progress right through to a completed scheme and handing the keys to a happy leaseholder!  Knowing that this job helps families who, without shared ownership, would not be able to buy is very rewarding. 


What are the greatest challenges?  As it can be a very busy and quick paced department, I think the greatest challenge is managing all the different aspects of the role and ensuring you still meet the customers’ expectations. 


What has/have been the highlight(s) of your role to date?  The success of the Snugg Homes team in the last year!  We responded quickly to the pandemic and overcome so many hurdles, while having the busiest year with completions and interest and STILL managed to smash all our KPI’s.