Head of Operations



Job Title:Head of Operations   


How long have you worked at Jigsaw Homes Midlands?7 years   


Describe your ‘typical’ day at work;As the operational lead for a front line service, no two days are the same.  Currently owing to the pandemic, I hold daily operational meetings at 8.00am where we discuss the emerging day’s work and review resources available.  I then try to catch up with mangers individually to discuss priorities and balance resources across the several work areas.  Then it’s a case of balancing daily issues as they arise with trying to review and improve performance and expenditure across the several work streams.   


Which aspects of the job really get you motivated?The desire to succeed and provide the best possible service to our tenants.  I am always looking at ways in which we can improve.  


What are the greatest challenges? Trying to plan your day, owing to the fluidity  that comes with managing a front line service.   I would also say, having a small workforce brings a lot of challenges (believe it or not.)  Having managed DLOs with over 180 technicians, it brings the same challenges as a DLO with 30 technicians – the main difference being, a bigger DLO has the ability and flexibility to cover for unplanned absences or incidents.  


What has/have been the highlight(s) of your role to date? Firstly, working with a team that is enthusiastic and conscientious is a pleasure to manage.   Secondly, maintaining high levels of performance every year.